Qualcommilta uusi Snapdragon 678 -mobiilialusta

Snapdragon 678 mahdollistaa seuraavan sukupolven mobiililaitteiden paremman suorituskyvyn, monipuoliset kameraominaisuudet ja kehittyneen suoratoiston

SAN DIEGO – 15. joulukuuta 2020 – Qualcomm Technologies on julkistanut uuden mobiilialustan. Qualcomm Snapdragon 678, joka on seuraaja Snapdragon 675:lle, on saanut aiempaa paremman kokonaissuorituskyvyn, kehittyneemmät tietoliikenneyhteydet sekä voimakkaammat viihdekokemukset.

”Qualcomm tukee mobiililaitteiden valmistajia suorituskykyä ja ominaisuuksia vaativien seuraavan sukupolven laitteiden kehittämisessä. Snapdragon 678 tuo monipuoliset ominaisuudet, nopeat ja luotettavat tietoliikenneyhteydet sekä pitkän akkukeston päivittäiseen käyttöön kuluttajille kaikkialla maailmassa”, sanoo Kedar Kondap, Qualcomm Technologiesin tuotehallintajohtaja.

Snapdragon 678 sisältää seuraavat suorituskykyparannukset edeltäjäänsä Snapdragon 675:een verrattuna:

  • Qualcomm Kryo 460 CPU -ydin 2.2 GHz:n kellotaajuudella
  • Qualcomm Adreno 612 GPU:n suorituskykylisäys

Edellä mainittujen suorituskykyparannusten lisäksi Snapdragon 678 sisältää erittäin kehittyneet dynaamiset valokuvaus- ja videokuvaustoiminnot, erinomaiset viihdeominaisuudet sekä pitkän akkukeston ja nopeat tietoliikenneyhteydet.

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Qualcomm Announces New Snapdragon 678 Mobile Platform for Immersive Entertainment Experiences

—Snapdragon 678 Meets High-Demand for Premium Mobile Experiences with Upgraded Performance, Dynamic Camera Features, and Enhanced Streaming Capabilities—

SAN DIEGO – December 15, 2020 – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 678 Mobile Platform, a follow-on to the Snapdragon 675, to deliver overall performance upgrades, high-speed connections for sophisticated photo and video capture, and immersive entertainment experiences.

“We are uniquely positioned to support OEMs in delivering the next generation of devices with in-demand features and performance,” said Kedar Kondap, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Snapdragon 678 brings in-demand mobile capabilities for daily entertainment at lightning-fast speeds over reliable connections and long-lasting battery life for consumers worldwide.”

Snapdragon 678 offers the following performance enhancements over Snapdragon 675:

  • Qualcomm® Kryo™ 460 CPU core clock speed up to 2.2GHz
  • Qualcomm® Adreno™ 612 GPU performance increase

In addition to these performance upgrades, Snapdragon 678 supports dynamic photography and videography abilities, and immersive entertainment experiences with long battery life over fast, reliable connectivity.

  • Dynamic Photography and Videography: Qualcomm Spectra™ 250L ISP powers the vibrant camera features on the Snapdragon 678. Users can capture every moment in share-worthy detail and true-to-life color through triple camera photos with up to 48 megapixels (MP) and zero shutter lag. The 3rd generation Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine and features like Portrait Mode (Bokeh), Low-Light Capture, and Laser Autofocus create smarter photography experiences, allowing users to enhance their photographs. Users can capture limitless HD 4K video with recording features, such as slo-mo recording, 5x optical zoom, and portrait mode, with dual-camera support up to 16 MP.
  • Immersive Entertainment: Snapdragon 678 brings streaming videos, games and music to life in incredible clarity and gorgeous graphics. The Kryo 460 CPU and Adreno 612 GPU drive faster graphics rendering, allowing for sharp, life-like visuals at high framerates with fewer frame drops. Mobile gamers will find incredible customizability in their experiences, as the Snapdragon 678 is optimized for Unity, Messiah, NeoX, and Unreal Engine 4, among other top games, and provides quick access to popular apps and content.
  • Quality Connections: The Snapdragon X12 LTE Modem pushes super-fast upload and download speeds, plus rapid response times. It supports advanced carrier aggregation with downloads up to 600 Mbps and uploads up to 150 Mbps. It also supports all major cellular modes plus Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) for increased capacity. The Snapdragon 678 is engineered to provide users fast connections, even in congested areas, so they can stream videos, download music, and enjoy accurate navigation and location in real-time.

For full specifications on Snapdragon 678, visit https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon-678-mobile-platform.

*Battery life varies significantly based on device, settings, usage, and other factors.

*All comparisons made are to previous generation, Snapdragon 675 Mobile Platform.

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